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Re: Greek Election..
Posted by: Lizzykitch (IP Logged)
Date: May 07, 2012 07:29AM

Encouraging that there was a breakthrough for the left. I am very very sad that the people of Greece will have Nazis in their Parliament. I wonder which people of Symi are so angry that they can vote for storm-trooping Nazis! The left must fight hard and strong to build upon this result and prevent the further rise of the thugs. They will be on the streets too encouraged by their percentage! Peace, bread, unity, love! End austerity! Solidarity with all oppressed people - including immigrant workers! Greece must never return to the pain of the past!

France has thrown out racist Sarkozy and so Hollande must stand up against austerity and the right.

UK sent a very strong message to the Tories and Lib-dem liars on thurs with a strong working class/left vote.

All can be built upon for a decent future for all!xx


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