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Re: Greek Election..
Posted by: Lizzykitch (IP Logged)
Date: June 17, 2012 04:09PM

Love and solidarity with the Greek people today! I hope for a good sized left vote against austerity, for a stand against the bullies and non-tax paying monsters of the IMF and ECB and Merkel et al. Anything is possible if the will of the people is strong and united. I hope that the fascists of Golden Dawn lose very very badly indeed! Work for all, decent wages for all, decent pensions for all, an end to corruption at the top - in parliament and in corporations. An end to police brutality too; many police voted for the fascists, telling us everything we need to know about their abuse of their power.

I hope the Greek people reject the scare-mongering lies that a vote for the left will leave local banks empty!

The Troika must respect the democratic vote. A win for ND will mean more of the same. A win for Syriza and the rest of the left will mean change.

Viva Greece lovelovexx


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