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Re: Greek Election..
Posted by: Lizzykitch (IP Logged)
Date: June 17, 2012 11:40PM

Hmm? Well was upset at first because ND and a coalition will mean more of the same and worse for the Greek people. Not seen the nazi vote as yet..? But Syriza were very close and can now be an effective oppostion with the rest of the left and make some serious demands that will benefit the people in immediate, decent wages, decent terms, decent pensions, fair taxes, write off some of the debt, support strikes, oppose the fascists politically and in reality on the streets in solidarity with immigrants and anti-fascists. Very possibly another short-term government as the people will fight back against more austerity? Well I can only send my love and solidarity from Leeds. I do know though that a lot of solidarity work is going on from Britain to Greece - from The Coalition of Resistance and The Trade Unions to the occasional and very effective occupation of The Parthenon Sculptures held ransom in The British Museum. Let's stay hopeful.

Love to SymiGreece xx


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