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Re: SymiBeastBlog
Posted by: Will (IP Logged)
Date: May 31, 2012 11:29AM

Yes, Simon. They're already trying. I've just been sent something that the wretched pornographer James Collins put up on Facebook this morning about how nasty we are. Of course, the usual suspects have been "liking" it. Hilarious reading! What a strange dreamworld he (and they) live in. The funniest part is when he calls himself "well adjusted". With very few changes, what he writes applie directly to himself.

Oh, and apparently our dislike of the behaviour (lies, theft, more lies, porno, yet more lies, tax-evasion, sabotage of FAROS, libel etc.) of a dozen or so English ex-pats and our daring to mention it makes us racists. I believe that's the same tactic used by zionists who shout "anti-semite!" every time they're criticised.

Aw bless. Poor Tubby's got all upset.

Seek out argument and disputation for its own sake,
The grave will provide plenty of time for silence.

Christopher Hitchens


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