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The Symi News
Posted by: Lizzykitch (IP Logged)
Date: June 11, 2012 09:58PM

I have just read the latest edition of the paper and thank you very much to the publisher, editor and contributers.

An excellent editorial and analysis of the struggle that the Greek people are facing. I hope that the Greek people have taken serious note of the danger of the legitimisation of the fascists of Golden Dawn as now we have all seen the assault of two female left wing politicians on live tv! Syriza please! I hope they gain a significant majority vote. Viva Greece!xx

Will's article - God Save Democracy is simply brilliant. It's sickening the way some ex-pats behave at times, whether it be Greece or Spain or France or Kenya. They just do not get it do they - that waving the Union Jack - (Butcher's Apron) - around is disrespectful to nations such as Greece. It of course represents - as does the monarchy and all historical rulers - a bloody history of violent invasions, rape, theft and murder. Ooh but we are just being extreme and ridiculous to spoil their silly bloody party. Ggggrrrr! It all gives the vast majority of British people a bad name. We do not all support this anachronism, this obscene spectacle of parasitical slave-driving monsters, this gross inequality which holds back all of humanity. Do they see their disrespectful use of their freedoms that Symi in Greece allows? I think not. If I had been there during the Jubilee nonsense I would have snatched a few butcher's aprons from their ridiculous bunting trails and stamped upon them and shouted "Shame on you all".

Jim's story is lovely as always. What a writer he is. If you see him give my love and regards please. He captures the human experience and its characteristics so well and as such Symi will continue to provide a beautiful sketchpad for Jim's observations.

I enjoyed "Crazy Symi" so much - horses and carriages and two fish spas! What next??!!

Ex-Pat Cat - What can I say?


Love and solidarity to you all xx


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