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They Do Not Represent British People!!
Posted by: Lizzykitch (IP Logged)
Date: June 15, 2012 03:28AM

Thank you SymiBeast for the new Blog. So, some people are calling you racist you say? The same people who complained to the local authority - Symi's Council about your excellent journalism as if somehow there is some sort of Mafia type set up that will shut you up if some scared pornographer demands it? Very interesting. Are these people crying racism because they are English ex-pats and feel all oppressed and all that? Aw bless.

I can discuss racism all day and all night long. Exposing a couple of ex-pat pornographers who happen to be incidentally English bares no resemblance to racism in any shape or form. Its a shame that these Union Jack (Butcher's Apron) waving British people living in a democratic host country don't attempt to understand what racism really is and show some respect. Their cry is a sign of their own ignorance and weakness in reality I suspect. Let's be clear racism is an active ideology involving one section of humanity holding power over another section of humanity using in many respects colour of skin, ethnic origin, culture and religion and so on. It is a result of among other reasons, The Slave Trade, The British Empire, Colonialism and Imperialist Invasions. Obviously therefore the "Union Jack" represents exactly that. White British people are not the oppressed in this relationship. Further, Greece has suffered from this history too because of its relationship to the "superpowers" and its heroic struggle under the nazis and fascists in the 1940s and later the generals in the 1970s. The trouble with some ex-pats is that when they behave in this dis-respectful way it gives us all a bad name (Brits Abroad)! Caring nothing about real life in their host country etc.

These types too are broadcasting that everything is ok in Symi - "no crisis here" "nothing to see here" "everything is wonderful" and so on. How arrogant and how ignorant of these people to belittle the struggle of the Greek people and the breakdown of their jobs, education, families, pensions and society. They care as little about Greece as they care about Britain. And this explains a lot. Because actually here in Britain we are ruled over by arrogant and corrupt Tory spoilt brats who are smashing their way through our communities with relish, removing any human rights that have been gained over the decades. We are losing education, welfare, rights at work, the right to work, the right to oppose or protest, the right to be sick or disabled, the right to be young and the right to be born, and I am not exaggerating. Austerity Britain and Europe actually. But I bet you that these types will be having a bit of a do for the London 2012 Olympics and they will wave their nationalist flags and probably the Zionist logo too, and all in complete ignorance and without care for example what the vast majority of Greeks feel about Palestine, The Troika and so on. These types are all about themselves.

Will they warn in their dull blog about the danger of Fascism in Greece or Britain? Will they take note of the reduced pension of their elderly Greek neighbour? Or will they just blog about the "beauty" and "the characters point and laugh"? I guess you know the answer.

I describe myself as an Internationalist and a Revolutionary and would make mincemeat of these pornographers and their weak and nasty lifestyle.

Just a thought - I would say that in the crisis that faces humanity right now, this is nearer to the truth...Governments and Corporations in Britain and in Greece are acting not in the National Interest but in Their Class Interest.

Love to everyone for Sunday's Elections! Syriza and Antarsya! Down with the filthy fascists!

Viva Greece and Viva SymiBeast! lovelovexx


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