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36 posts didn't take them long!
Posted by: Symi Cat (IP Logged)
Date: June 16, 2012 08:38PM

Symi's arch-pornographer James Collins of SymiDream, recently exposed by Symi News newspaper as the writer and seller of pornographic stories, including some about what his characters find up boys' shorts when they rape them is, of course, not a friend of the newspaper....though he's an avid reader of it.

One of his regular jibes at the newspaper can be seen in this facebook post on his "Wall" today, that has been forwarded to me by a friend. Of course, it doesn't suit Collins to mention that the Jubilee celebration in Athens was at the British Embassy (hardly surprising they'd hold a celebration there) and not in one of Athens streets (or a street in a small Greek island).

Oh, and look...Norman Askew, that cretin who's been coming to Symi for years, where he gets drunk in bars and throws drinks on people, has to wade in too. Askew's comments usually have the logical firmness of a wet fart but with even less weight. Yes, Norman, 3/4 million people can all be wrong...I think the 60 million other British people you neglected to mention might carry a bit more weight!

How does it feel, Norman, to be such a hypocrite? You were, after all, one of the three (the other were Jon Ryan and Jordan Blakesley) who made edits to the Symi wikipedia page 3 years ago...these edits included some telling people that SymiGreece was full of images of little children in swimwear. And yet here you are Norman, defending people who make money out of selling stories to perverts who like to read about the rape of drunk boys. How do you justify this to yourself, I wonder...maybe, like Jon Ryan, you think the stories they write are "erotica" and so perfectly harmless.


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