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A message to Melanie of "Symi Animal Welfare"
Posted by: Will (IP Logged)
Date: September 24, 2012 11:32PM

So SAW want to have another of their vet visits...after all that they and their friends have done to keep FAROS off Symi for two years.

Well, they should save their efforts.

FAROS is working hard to overcome the legal obstacles put in its way by Symi's English ex-pats and their friends from Somerset, and will be running a LEGAL, LICENSED clinic within the next few months. SAW will be getting NO help from Symi's elected representatives, as these people will not help SAW commit an illegal act...which operating an unlicensed vet clinic would be.

ANY vet (English, Greek or otherwise) that comes to Symi and operates in unsanitary, illegal conditions WILL BE PROSECUTED. I shall take it upon myself personally to see that this happens, no matter what the cost....and I will also pursue those on Symi who have aided him/her. Symi will never again be subjected to the gutter level of veterinary "care" that SAW have supplied in the past.

I hope, Melanie Sharp, that you are listening.

Seek out argument and disputation for its own sake,
The grave will provide plenty of time for silence.

Christopher Hitchens


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