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The Breath-taking Hypocrisy of "Symi Animal Welfare"
Posted by: Will (IP Logged)
Date: October 17, 2012 01:20PM

A bleating message, filled with the usual lies that we've come to expect from Symi Animal Welfare has appeared on their website. It lambasts me and Christos for stopping the visit of a vet to Symi that they had hoped would happen at the end of this month. They say how we have shown our "true colours" and that we are not interested in animal welfare on Symi. They say that they have had to waste valuable time trying to avoid unnecessary conflict created by us when we should be concentrating on the animals of Symi.

I wonder if I will ever stop being surprised by the sheer brazen hypocrisy of these people. It really is amazing.

FAROS was bringing vets to Symi for three years. For the past two years it has not been able to do so because SAW and their friends prevented them....they complained that FAROS's clinics were unlicensed. SAW have consistently been against FAROS since it started, refusing to become a signatory and partner of the organisation when it started up, refusing to loan us cat baskets for our first vet visit, refusing to bring even a SINGLE STREET ANIMAL to the 8 surgeries that FAROS ran...think about that one, these people who care so much about Symi's animals did not bring a SINGLE street cat for neutering in the more than 20 days that FAROS operated surgeries on Symi. They have consistently spread lies about FAROS and what it does, saying in their web postings that FAROS does not neuter cats, despite being told many, many times that it does.

FAROS stopped two years ago as the Vets could no longer come because of the threat of legal action against them for operating in an unlicensed clinic. For two years we have been trying to clear the obstacles that SAW and their friends put in our way, and we are almost there. Soon FAROS will be running again. I have no doubt that SAW will carry on refusing to bring animals to FAROS surgeries, and I have no doubt that they will continue to spread their lies. There was no way that FAROS could continue in its efforts to start up again if we sat by and allowed SAW to run an unlicensed clinic, it would have made a mockery of the past two years and the effort and expense that we have had to go through to get FAROS licensed.

I wish that they could have risen above their petty jealousies and politics five years ago when FAROS first asked them to come onboard and be part of the initiative of bringing Greek vets to Symi, rather than sneer at the idea that Greek vets would care to come. I wish that they could have put the animals first, and supported FAROS, rather than lie about it to as many people as they could find. I wish they could have overcome their jealousy and hate enough to have brought street animals to the FAROS surgeries. By opposing FAROS and actively undermining it, SAW have simply become part of the problem, yet another burden for the animals of Symi. They will carry on with their winter feeding program, but they will never again bring vets to Symi to work in unsanitary, unlicensed clinics.

Seek out argument and disputation for its own sake,
The grave will provide plenty of time for silence.

Christopher Hitchens


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