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Re: The Breath-taking Hypocrisy of "Symi Animal Welfare"
Posted by: Christos (IP Logged)
Date: October 18, 2012 01:41AM

Yes, maybe they can carry on with their "winter feeding program" (though many residents are calling this something else), but that's about it really. Needless to say that NO illegal activity of ANY KIND by ANYONE from their "committee members" or anyone else will ever be allowed again. And I 'm not "just" talking about them treating Symi as a third-world island in need of their "illegal" "welfare".

For more details, see the next issue of the SYMI NEWS newspaper, out this weekend.

If you want to carry on living in Greece, English and German ex-pats included, you need to abide by the laws of this land, and that includes animal-welfare laws as well, especially when their Greek equivalents are struggling because of your "complaints". The law is there, it is fierce, and IT WILL apply to you too! And we'll make sure it does.

I 'm glad "Claudia, Melanie, Tove, Hazel and Suzan" didn't dare name anyone by name in their “how-primitive-Greece-is-it-can't possibly-follow the-law-and-it-needs-us-foreigners-to-teach-them” rant (too scared no doubt, and I don't blame them - they should be scared of the Greek law, very much so).

If the “Claudia & Co” seriously wanted vets to come to Symi for the benefit of the animals, they would have supported FAROS. Instead, they stopped it from happening.

They have noone to blame but themselves.

If they want to care for the animals of Symi, we support them! 100%! As long as they don't do ANYTHING illegal. If they do, they WILL be prosecuted!

And they WILL be... ALL and everyone of them...


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